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A New Approach to Real Estate. And an Old One.

We believe that story is at the root of exceptional real estate and that great design can bring people together. Each living narrative that we create reflects a passion for opening the door to magical, inspiring environments that last for generations.

Village Model

Core Tenets of a Village


Whether you find a new belonging along a well-worn path, or push your comfort zone to find a lifestyle you've always dreamt of, our villages always help you do one thing: break new ground in an old way.

Blackard's proprietary village-based real estate design philosophy is based on generations of lessons in how communities develop. Each living narrative that we create reflects a passion for opening the door to magical, inspiring village environments that last for generations and create connections between people that transcend real estate.



Modern-day villages are specifically tailored to overcome the setbacks of the rote development patterns of American real estate. Our villages start as low-risk nuclei, made up of uses that are proven in the market context. That nucleus is set up to grow with future phases that revolve around local/community need first and excess external market demand second. This in-built demand mitigates a variety of traditional risk factors in mixed-use and new urbanist development.



The Village model prioritizes the holistic long-horizon growth of the village over the accelerated timeline, which rewards a monolithic and opportunistic approach to use sizing. villages embrace a varied ownership structure that seeks balance between the quality and governance control of single-ownership and the long-term loyalty, wealth creation, and personality integration of granular ownership. These varied focuses not only increase stability in neighborhood-retail and residential uses, but they also increase the effective rents of adjacent assets.



The Village model designs from a basis in human ecology. Villages derive their usage ratios from historical patterns of human development and translate those lessons from history into the modern day context of real estate development. This, in addition to Blackard’s innovative approach to village management which enforces quality and design standards, sets the perfect foundation for the development of individual personalities and eventual community self-governance.

Want to know more about how we build villages?


The Blackard Model

Blackard Companies, in furtherance of our village mission, is organized to develop, build, and manage legacy assets for generations.

Blackard Model


Development Services is the keystone of the Blackard platform that delivers unequaled value to our projects and partners.

Development Services

Development Services is the keystone of the Blackard platform that delivers unequaled value to our projects and partners. As the creator of the Neoretroism movement and the resulting village inspired communities, Blackard possesses unsurpassed expertise in the disciplines of sourcing, designing, planning, constructing, and financing specialty and purposeful developments designed to create producing assets and outsized returns throughout their entire lifecycles.


While Blackard Development Services is deeply rooted in the nuances of design and aesthetics, the practice is equally as meticulous in applying rigor to the permitting, engineering, architecture, and construction phases of the development to ensure a successful outcome.

Blackard Development Services offers the following value-added services to its partners:

• Site sourcing, selection, acquisition, diligence

• Land entitling, packaging, zoning, permitting, licensing, and relationship management

• Pre-construction design, planning and coordination


• Beneficial and trusted relationships with engineers, architects, designers, and consultants

• In-house architectural design

• Construction planning, scheduling, oversight and controls

• 3-D animated renderings

• Construction Oversight Services

• Construction and Reporting of Opportunity Zone Safe Harbor Plans

• Tax Incentive Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) Program Creation

• Financial modeling of Project

Investment Management

Investment Management

The investment management arm of Blackard manages the company’s real estate holdings, deploys the firm’s investable funds and oversees the company’s capital structure


The investment management arm of Blackard manages the company’s real estate holdings, deploys the firm’s investable funds and oversees the company’s capital structure.


Blackard Development Services offers the financial acumen of this internal team to its development partners with a goal to facilitate and accelerate projects to financial closing and to maximize project returns to its partners. This mission is accomplished through accurately modeling project economics, shaping high returning project structures and facilitating the capital raising of projects.

The following value-added services are available to the partners of Blackard Companies:

• Financial modeling of Project includes Income Statement, Cash Flow, Source & Uses, Financing Requirements, Debt Coverage & Leverage Ratios, Valuations and Investment Returns

• Structuring advantageous private and public project vehicles such Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Alliances, Public Private Partnerships (P3), and Opportunity Zone Funds

• Structuring Debt & Equity Financing Solutions such as preferred equity, mezzanine and convertible equity and debt, non-recourse and limited recourse project financing, traditional structured financing, economic development grants, TIRZ, PID’s and TIF’s.

• Capital Sourcing Relationships

• Create capital raising collateral such as Teasers, Investor Presentations, Confidential Information Memorandums, Financing Terms Sheets and Business Cases

• Ongoing Tracking and Reporting of Operational and Financial Performance of the Project



Blackard Companies has honed its construction management process and is a leader in implementing the extraordinary ideas of the firm with a level of detail unmatched by outside construction firms.


Blackard Construction Services are delivered through an affiliated company called Village Building Group LLC, which combines decades of Blackard experience in building specialty master-planned communities and village inspired bespoke properties with the principals of the Village Building Group who have successfully completed dozens of medium to high density builds as general contractors repeatedly on time and on budget.

Village Building Group employs a pricing and draw process that provides partners with a highly visible view of expended and forecasted construction costs, build scheduling, and construction progress.

Blackard Construction Services offers the following value-added services to its partners:

• General Contracting

• Construction Work Out and Turnaround Experience

• Established Subcontracting Relationships

• Transparent and Efficient Draw Process and Construction Reporting

• Access to Discounted Material Supply Chains

• Limited Risk of Cost Overruns to Owners

• Market Informed and Data-Driven Construction Estimation, Budgeting, Scheduling and Forecasting

• Established Subcontractor Contracting Terms and Approach

• Open and Interactive approach to Owner Consultant



Blackard Management Services has a successful history operating a number of highly technical and complicated assets including villages, coastal properties, and specialty amenities such golf courses and clubs, beach clubs, swim clubs, tennis academies, marinas, restaurants and a number of homeowner associations.


Blackard Management Services has a successful history operating a number of highly technical and complicated assets including villages, coastal properties, and specialty amenities such golf courses and clubs, beach clubs, swim clubs, tennis academies, marinas, restaurants and a number of homeowner associations. This diverse history of management has required unique talents in lease up, rentals, sales, marketing programs, and maintenance practices over the entire asset life cycle.

In addition, Blackard Management Services has partnered with cutting-edge real estate technology platforms which create insightful visibility into the stabilization and leasing process, enable a robust tenant experience and deliver best in class operational and performance analytics, metrics and results.

Blackard Property Management Services offers the following value-added services to its partners:

• Property level Staffing

• In-house Property Brand Identification, Marketing & Collateral Capabilities

• Website Creation & Maintenance

• Integrated Internet Listing Services

• Reputation Management

• Insurance Programs and Network

• Revenue Management

• Financial Budgeting, Report, and Analytics

• Capital Budgeting

• Repairs and Maintenance

• Utility Management and Billing

• Tenant and Vendor Relationship Management

• Management Structuring

• Administrative and Accounting Services

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