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The Blackard Profile

The Blackard Profile


Born and raised in Peoria, IL, Jeffory Blackard came to Dallas, TX with a vision to launch a career in the real estate development world. He found a company that took a chance on him, he quickly became a partner and within a few years, launched out on his own to birth one of the most successful development firms in America. The Blackard Profile takes you on a journey through his formative years, his philanthropic endeavors and brings you to the present day where he is leading the effort to philosophically change the way we develop real estate in America.

The  Neoretroism Process


Birth of a Village

This video illustrates the birth of a village, from inception to completion, and how the evolution process unfolds.


Death of a Village

This video illustrates how we’ve destroyed villages in America via excessive zoning and the grid system.


Designing a Village

This video illustrates how to design a village and introduces the concept of use diversity and mix allocation.

A Village is Born

A Village is Born


Set against the backdrop of Supetar on the Island of Brac in Croatia, this short film uncovers the origins of Adriatica, an American village in McKinney, Texas. Developer, Jeff Blackard, had the vision, strategy and le