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Judge rules in favor of defendants; Pharaoh Valley residents hopeful...

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After years of being tied up in the courts, a judge has ruled in favor of the Pharaoh Valley group, wanting to bring Barisi Village to their area.

As we've reported, Barisi Village is the Italian-style community fully equipped with residential and retail space, a man-made lake and restoring nine holes of the old golf course.

The judgment was made last week, in Judge Nanette Hassett's court. In the court documents, Judge Hassette ruled in favor of defendants John Hardie and Apex Golf Properties requiring the plaintiffs to pay the defendants' attorney's fees. 

Steve Moody said, "It's a sigh of relief today, but we never know what's going to happen with them, but we know the developer is staying with us."

Residents like Steve Moody are happy about the judge's ruling in their favor, but the reality is it may not be over just yet. 

Chris Kuehn said, "We don't know what'll happen if the opposition will choose to appeal, they might do that."

According to the court documents, if the plaintiffs decide to appeal it could cost them $50,000.

Currently, the plaintiffs in this case -- Francis Garrigues, Claude Gilson, and Barbara Smith -- owe the defendants more than $115,927 in attorneys fees. 

Residents like Moody say it's a small price to pay for the damage this lawsuit has done to the property owners in Pharaoh Valley. 

Moody said, "Our premiums have gone up since the lawsuit started but now it's gone on so long our insurance carrier has dropped us."

The area has been an eyesore for years, but this most recent ruling has residents hopeful of what this run-down area will become. 

As for the plaintiffs, we heard from their attorney Gay Gilson. Gilson says they just received the court's final judgment and are reviewing their options.


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