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Texas Millionaire to Invest in Pasman Riviera

Originally published in Croatia Times March 13, 2018

People around the globe are impressed by beauty of Croatia. In a way, a lot of foreign visitors become the country’s most reliable ambassadors, spreading the buzz and inviting other people to visit the Adriatic shores. Some even go one step further, actively participating in rise of Croatian tourist potential. One of such individuals is Jeff Blackard, a Texas millionaire and leader of Blackard Global investment firm. A passionate fan of Croatia, Blackard even constructed a replica of Dalmatian village in United States, making it a local tourist attraction.

The Croatian Island of Pasman will be a site of Blackard’s new project. The capable businessman will invest about 600 million dollars in local tourist infrastructure. Thanks to this financial asset, the island will literally renovate its Riviera and greatly increase its hospitality capacities.

“This is magnificent success both for our island and Croatia,” said Kresimir Cosic, governor of Pasman County. “The project will add to our cause of increasing the local life quality and provide valuable employment options to our residents. We also expect it to improve our demographics, as younger generations will have fewer reasons to leave the island.”

The project will cover about 260 hectares of Pasman territory, which includes about eight kilometers of beautiful Adriatic shore. It will also include hotel and apartment accommodations, as well as luxurious villas. Of course, entertainment and recreational terrains will also be part of the project. Blackard will finish construction of these facilities in next five years, assuring that their quality will suffice for four-star rating or above.

“The precise number of accommodation spaces and their quality will be determined in second phase of the project,” Cosic explained. “But we are happy to have such respectable investor, who also showed much understanding of local culture and people’s customs.”

Judging from the previous experience, this is surely not the last feat of Jeff Blackard in Croatia. Who knows what business projects this Texas millionaire prepares in future?  Whatever they are, they will surely be impressive. Read Croatia Times for more news about this story.

Feature Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media

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