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Good News For Barisi Village

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — Blackard Companies ("Blackard") is pleased to comment on the ruling handed down today in the Texas Thirteenth Court of Appeals in the Garrigues V. Hardie Lawsuit. This much-awaited ruling affirms the lower court's finding in the favor of the homeowners and comes after roughly five years of legal battles that have held off the full-scale development of Blackard's Barisi Village. Blackard remains committed to delivering this exquisite project and now looks forward to moving into the next phase of that plan.

This Barisi Village project is a 127-acre development that follows a NeoRetroism village philosophy. Originally undertaken in 2013 by Founder and CEO Jeffory Blackard, Barisi takes its design cues from the coastal regions of Italy and follows the NeoRetroism philosophy of development pioneered by the firm—seeking to bring communities together and meet the everyday needs of those who live, work, or visit the village. This project will build on the history of evolution-based villages, including Blackard's own Adriatica Village—one of the most photographed locations in the Dallas Metroplex.

"Our Neighborhood Association has been working with Jeff Blackard for several years now through the long process of bringing Barisi Village to the Pharaoh Valley neighborhood. Among the many positive things we have learned, perhaps the most encouraging is that when Jeff commits, he commits! He has been a great partner and has stayed with us every step of the way. We are thrilled that he and his team have started to clean up our neighborhood and repair the damage left by years of neglect. We cannot wait to see this much awaited progress in our neighborhood. Thank goodness we will finally have a beautiful European style village in our backyard instead of an abandoned unattractive field that has caused so many problems over the years." - Chris Kuehn, President of Pharaoh Valley Homeowners Association

“My company and I have never wavered in our commitment to this remarkable group of homeowners that I've become so close with. We are so excited to deliver a project that will not only make them proud, but will continue to make all of the residents and visitors to the Coastal Bend proud—like the project that we already have underway on North Beach, The Lighthouse. We have been on a mission for almost 8 years to bring a NeoRetroism-style village to this part of Texas, and I’m very excited to finally be able to continue the work that we’ve started and see the project into its next phase very soon.” - Jeffory D. Blackard, Founder & CEO of Blackard Companies

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About the Blackard Companies

The Blackard Companies were formed in 1981 by founder & CEO Jeffory Blackard in Dallas, Texas. Since that time, the Blackard Companies have been responsible for the development of over $2 billion in real estate assets. Much of the company’s history was focused on master-planned communities—the firm has delivered over 15,000 single-family home sites in over 30 communities.

In the early 2000s, following an investment in the small nation of Croatia (a nation which is based largely on village life), the firm broadened its focus and began pioneering a philosophy of real estate based on its founder’s idea of developing contemporary self-sustaining villages. This philosophy has been named ‘NeoRetroism’ and represents the furthest evolution of modern real estate development—one in which people have diverse choices for how they live, work, and get around in their community. The first example of this NeoRetroism philosophy can be seen at the Adriatica Village near Dallas, Tx.

The Blackard Companies are now the world’s foremost developer of modern-day villages, actively advocating for communities that better serve the needs of their villagers across the globe.


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