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Lighthouse construction serves as a beacon for future North Beach development

Blackard Companies' project, Lighthouse Pointe, is about to become home to the largest stone lighthouse in the United States. An event to commemorate the laying of the cornerstones at the project's chapel was recently featured in local news and lends a peak at the exciting things that are coming to Corpus Christi.

Text from the original story by Bill Churchwell:

Thursday evening, some of your neighbors got together to mark an important milestone in the construction of a multi-million-dollar project on North Beach called Lighthouse Pointe.

You've probably seen all the construction along the Nueces Bay Causeway.

The project will include luxury apartments and townhomes and is being called a beacon of possibilities for North Beach.

Resident Carrie Robertson Meyer says will serve as a gateway to the entire city.

"It's going to be something that people use as a landmark," said Meyer.

3 News was given a closer look at the project during a ceremonial 'laying of the cornerstones'.

All said and done the lighthouse will be 135 feet tall from sea level, making it the tallest lighthouse in Texas and the tallest stone lighthouse in the U.S.

Named after one of the developers Lynn Frazier, the 2000-ton structure all made of stone is part of a $24-million-dollar development called Lighthouse Pointe.

The project is a partnership between Frazier and Jeff Blackard of Blackard Companies.

The waterfront community which is now under construction will include 159 apartments and townhomes.

On one side of the lighthouse there will be a small chapel that can seat 50 people.

On the other side there will be a planned restaurant.

"I've traveled all over the world. I see what life could be and we have that potential here. If people will just have vision to do some of these things," said Lynn Frazier of Frazier Companies.

"Corpus Christians should be proud of what is happening here today," said City Council Member Billy Lerma who represents North Beach as part of district one.

Lerma called the project a new chapter for the area, but he is asking folks to also support the North Beach canal idea, another project that could potentially bring even more development to North Beach.

"We are looking for more investors to come in and this opens that door up," said Lerma.

Currently city council members are looking at 3 options to fix the drainage issues on North Beach.

One of those options is a navigable canal.

Leaders recently gave the green light to a Houston based firm to figure out just how much those options would cost.

The findings are expected to come back by May.

"If they get the canal done, that is going to just blow this area up and do so well for it," said Frazier.


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